Beware of Counterfeits!

If you are thinking of buying a product from one of the following sites, beware:

  • Mercari
  • One Spot Beauty
  • DH Gate
  • ModeSens
  • Groupon
  • New 3 piece kits in a single box on Ebay
  • All Amazon stores listed outside of the United States

All of these sites are selling 100% fake products made in China and with ingredients that can be harmful.

We receive requests and letters every day from customers who were lured by $9.00 and $15.00 3 piece kits only to be sadly disappointed that the product does not work, the makeup is totally dried out, in some cases causes irritation to the skin and takes over 4 weeks to be delivered. We request that these sites be taken down every day however more and more show up every day.

The ONLY authorized sites are:

  • ULTA
  • Bloomingdales
  • HSN
  • Riley Rose
  • Cult Beauty
  • And our own Amazon listing with the same pricing we have on our site
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Cut Crease Kit - Vignette III

Cut Crease Kit - Vignette III



Being social-media-makeup- fabulous is no longer out of reach! Tackle the elusive cut crease makeup technique in five easy steps:




The Versatile Crease Multi-stamp creates the perfect "cut" and the gorgeous, super metallic rose glitter P.O.V will dazzle. Use with your favorite eye shadows and concealers for endless makeup possibilities. 

  • Create the classic cut crease, halo crease and much more with this versatile kit.
  • The stunning P.O.V Metallic Glitter has the primer and sealant built in and will not budge!
  • Can also be used with any liquid eye shadow or liner for endless shade options.
  • Versatile crease multi-stamp is the stamp that does it all. Use to create a winged liner look, line top lid with liquid liner, create a perfect lip outline with lipsticks – both liquid or crème – and design shapes for custom “tattoos.”

How to Use:

STEP 1: Prep with neutral eye shadow base color from lash line to brows, using the fluffy end of Velux Brush. Use a darker contour eye shadow shade of your choice and apply to crease. Blend with Velux Brush. Using the flat end of Velux Brush, apply concealer to entire lid area and define where your cut crease line will be.

STEP 2: Paint P.O.V onto head of Versatile stamp.

STEP 3: Starting at inner corner of eye, with pointed end of the stamp facing the inner corner, stamp along eye into the crease, making sure each impression is connected to and overlapping the next. Continue across the entire crease. Re-paint P.O.V on stamp for each impression.

STEP 4: Use brush to blend, define and build metallic glitter concentration on lid below crease.

STEP 5: Repeat on opposite eye.

See multiple look instructions on inside of box.

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