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VIXEN Wing Eyeliner Stamp
VIXEN Wing Eyeliner Stamp
VIXEN Wing Eyeliner Stamp

VIXEN Wing Eyeliner Stamp


Perfect wings are a matter of preference. Are you more Modern Feline than Vampy Retro Kitty? If so, Vixen is for you. A thinner, straighter impression makes this new style the perfect choice for a chic look that works on most any eye shape and size. Use with Vink for a sleek wing that takes your makeup looks straight to the top.

 Video Tutorial

How to use:

Step 1: Dip Vixen into Vink® Eyeliner Ink* or your favorite cushion or liquid liner. Make sure stamp is fully coated with ink.

Step 2: Align to the edge of your eye and press on in a quick stamping motion to avoid smears.

Step 3: Continue line along upper lid to complete the look.
Repeat on opposite eye.

Stamp head made of silicone.
Patent pending.

* Vink® Eyeliner Ink sold separately

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
The wing is long and thin-but super cute!

I ordered a Vamp Stamp finally and it does make a perfect wing every time. If I had to order again, I would probably go for the kitten stamp as it has more of the wing look I like since it's a little smaller. BUT this stamp is absolutely perfect and the ink you can buy the stamp with is high quality. The line is thin and creates an look similar to the one below:

Novice/Came apart but still cool idea

I want to start out saying I love the idea of the vamp stamp (all versions) and its def worth the buy, even if it’s a bit pricey.
Honest review though, I think the Vixen wasn’t the option I should’ve done. It was larger than I expected and the edge of my eyes are not too far apart from my brows (didn’t know that till now). I thought that because this was a newer version It was prob 110% easier to make the wing but sadly I “played myself”. On top of that I’m a novice so it’s not entirely the stamps fault. With a little adjusting and wiping I got it to a length I could slay ;)
Sadly, my stamp died within the same week I got it. It could’ve been bad construction on mine solely or just bad wiping it clean on my part.
Didn’t want to return it or etc because I could still use the stamp itself without the stick but now I know I should’ve gotten the VaVaVoom Kitten instead...but it’ll be awhile before I make that sort of purchase as semi makeup wearer.
Still an awesome idea and actually a cool product. Gave me a reason to love liner again.
This was just my luck is all :/


I will never not have this in my makeup bag. It has become part of who I am.

Love the Vixen stamp!

I have deep set eyes which causes a bit of skipping with a regular pen or brush tip. This stamp however makes it easy to get a perfect wing. I love the shape of this stamp. Very happy!

Works great

The stamps are amazing and easy to use and perfect every time 5 stars on stamps however my vamp ink I got with my order was all dried out so I just use my liquid liner pens to cover the stamp with so that's the only downside